Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cupid's Curse

Keeping in good tradition with a cursed Valentine's Day, I woke myself up this morning by throwing up. Had to miss dinner at EOS tonight, call in sick to the restaurant tomorrow, and I've been laying about the house for an hour between bathroom breaks. Luckily I have a sweet Valentine here to take care of me (this picture is to the damage he did at all-you-can-eat pizza night at Goat Hill in Potrero Hill last week).

Last night we went to Eldo's in the inner Sunset, and I don't think it was anything I had there; he had the same things. We split a chicken club with fries and then didn't eat very much off a plate of carne asada nachos because the meat tasted funny. Maybe it was the two pints of stout that did me in (he drank Pilsener), or a delayed reaction to a bad oyster (which I don't want to believe, because I ate a dozen oysters two nights ago at my very own place of work).

What an interesting way to start a food blog. With food poisoning. Blech. Have gotten out of bed for the first time today to check email and post this.


Auntie Em said...

"The meat tasted funny," she says. What were you eating? Clowns?? It would make it hard to narrow down what launched you into the big-time Ralph-O-Rama: the meat? the oysters? (I do not suspect bad beer, myself.)

I read that 80% of all "flu" is actually food poisoning. Somebody today told me that if it lasts 3 days, it's the flu, but if it lasts only 24 hours, it was sumpin' BAD you ate. Hope it's all out of your system by now ...

East Bay Alternative said...

It was soooooo the oysters..

e nuff said.

By the way..

so missed u 2 night...

its was a 420 night and I dont mean the stuff you smoke. I mean the $420 u get to take to the bank.


Dishgroupie said...

I hope you are feeling much better.
I hate to think about someone's poor hygiene making me sick. I always choose to believe it is the flu.