Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lima, Peru. Day 1.

Restaurant Girl won´t be getting the scoop on San Francisco restaurants for a few months (you´ll have to turn to The Tablehopper for your juice) as she´s travelled to South America to see how they do things there. So far, no restaurants have been examined, but what I can say is that the bus system in Lima, Peru, is hilarious! Random automobiles of all sizes zoom along the roads, sometimes four deep in a two lane street, honking, and with people hanging out of all windows. One of these people is the bus hawker, who yells out where the bus is going, pounds on the door if the driver should stop, and takes fares (which seem to be completely arbitrary amounts of money). The bus hawker swings himself all over the outside of the moving vehicle, and watching the grannies get a running start from the street and swing themselves up onto the floor of an ancient Mitsubishi van that´s painted all over the outside with things like the Tasmanian devil and sayings like ¨Read the Bible¨(in Spanish, of course), is much more fun than waiting tables for now.


wineslut said...

Try some Ceviche in one of the many "cevicherias" in the commercial district in Lima or maybe somewhere south of the city on the beach. Be careful with the Rocoto.

wineslut said...

Try some good Ceviche at any of the many "cevicherias" in Lima or south of the city at the beach. Be careful with the Rocoto.

I'm really enjoying your postings , they are deliciously vicious and very digestible.

Alex said...

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