Friday, September 22, 2006

They love us in Canada

Restaurant Girl Speaks got a mention in the Toronto Sun today!

"Ella Lawrence is a San Francisco writer-slash-waitress at high-end restaurants. She's also the phantom behind a popular blog in the industry -- Working in four-star establishments for the better part of a decade, she's written extensively about the personalities, quirks and secrets of her trade.


As customers, we think we're in an intimate setting -- but we're part of a large production number.

"(As a waitress) you can be the rock star of the area you're serving," says Ella, a 27-year- old who can, on a good night in her elite workplace, earn $500 in gratuities.

With two degrees under her arm, she still says you can learn more about the human condition in an eatery than out of any textbook.

The restaurants she has worked in are a haven of indulgence. The industry, at her level, can offer the best alcohol and the best food and the best excesses."

Check out the full article for the rest.

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