Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Sorry I haven't put up a real post in a while. I've been busy working on this, which ran on the front cover of the SF Weekly today. I've also been packing up, giving notice at The Restaurant, and preparing for a 2.5 month jaunt, again. I'll be with Che in Buenos Aires for 6 weeks, then back in SF for four days, then with the 'rents in Europe for three weeks. Stuff is going into storage, the cat is going with a co-worker, I'm drinking way too much to cope with the stress of it all (which ISN'T working), and stuff.


Eddie said...

love it.

Goddess of Everything said...

Hang in their babe!
We were talking about you at Christmas (bragging actually) and my sister wanted to know how she could become as cool as you.
We love you and are thinking about you often. I'm even getting a pedicure, in your honor, with my girlfriends today.
xoxo, the country cousins
PS, you finally inspired me to start a blog.

BringerBlog said...

wow, great job on the story, and congrats on the exciting plans!

Chris said...

Found this blog on a google search about how to ask your waitress out (which was a helpful article, btw, and is now bookmarked.

Interesting site and likely to be more insight for me into the habits of a published author.

Good luck with all the stuff.