Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sicky Sickerson

Ever notice how when you call in sick to work and you're not sick, you don't feel guilty at all; but when you call into work and you're actually sick, you're wracked with the fear that people are going to think you're faking and hate you? I do, anyway. I'd been trying to get Kevin to cover my shift today so that I could check out the new "Career Waitress" exhibit playing at COPIA, the center for Food, Wine, & Art in Napa and just have a day off for freakin' once. He couldn't do it and I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat, aches and pains, and general flu-like symptoms. It didn't help that I had to drive the second friend to the airport in a week to take a fabulous vacation (one surf trip to Baja, one glam trip to Miami) and wave a cheerful goodbye as I head back to my seven-day-a-week grind. And although I'm actually quite miserable, I know my co-workers are going to think I'm a faker and Kevin's really bummed that he got called in after all because his family's in town. I feel like such a jerk! Oh well, Valentino's coming over with brandy for hot toddies and some DVDs. He's such a good nurse, which I'm glad for, because I've gotten sick about once a month for the last three months and I've caught them all from him!


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