Friday, June 09, 2006

Restaurant Girl's Return

Fickle Restaurant Girl has returned to the OG restaurant. The problematic general magager was let go after a six-month reign of terror, and morale is high on Market Street! While the OG crew (and the three crews after that) are now gone, the peeps who work there are a nice bunch and responsible for the most part. I forgot how much I went out after work when I worked there, Round One. At the Other Restaurant and at The Bistro, I scooted the second my shift was done--I didn't really want to be around the buildings or the people who were either ready to throw me under a bus if it made them look good to management or there to slowly die of old age, bitterly.

Having no manager presents a bit of a hectic element to working on the floor. There was a "management trainee" who seems nice (although extremely green) and duly bought the waitstaff Fernet Branca shots after the shift, but I think we're all a little wary after having an abusive drug addict "manage" us (who is now, I am told, seating people at a mediocre hotel restaurant downtown).

It's interesting that the people we'd all really want to take the job have turned it down. It was offered to a couple of different waiters (including me), the expediter (who is the real backbone of the restaurant), and the new-guy-who-is-now-the-wine-guy. Everyone's answer was pretty much, "Oh, hell no!" so now there's a Management Trainee.

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