Monday, June 19, 2006

Your Hair Affects Your Tips

Really. After a week's worth of taking no effort with my hair (a taxing move, looming story deadlines, and general stress have all been factors in this sad lack of effort with the way I look), I decided to do an experiment on Friday and run a curling iron through my shoulder-length locks for the first tim since they've grown out a little longer, which produced an effect similar to Madonna's new 70's-inspired retro flip, but without the hard edges. I received eleven compliments (seven from co-workers, four from my tables), and made literally twice the money I had made the week before, with the same amount of customer covers. I wonder if this phenomenon is the same for men? I mean, men can't change their appearance as readily as we women can; in the last year I have really discovered the joys of make-up. It's like playing dress-up! I was a nerdy tomboy and really never learned how to properly apply the stuff until I became an urbanite. I'm beginning to understand why so many women take hours to get out of the house.
Tonight, though, there's a buyout, which means the restaurant is closed to the general public, I'm slingin' hors d'ouvres for a couple of hours, and I'll receive a set rate for my tie-clad services. High-placed worker bun it is!


shuna fish lydon said...

I had a friend who waited for over 15 years. When she wore red lipstick her tips went up almost twice what they would be sans makeup.

Me personally I base my tips on service, although good grooming is nice to look at.

Anonymous said...

Good looks do make a huge difference. Men will tip beautiful women more than will women tip beautiful men, though.

Try a skirt, with a 2-foot slit up the side...


Dan Aleman
Austin, Tx